Women PurposeThe Women’s ministry at the City of David Tabernacle is called THE WOMEN OF PURPOSE and it exists to uplift and encourage women to draw closer to God in order to discover and accomplish their God given purpose. We are specifically called to:

  • Help women increase their faith in God and experience spiritual growth through a relationship with God
  • Mentor and encourage younger women in the church so that they can attain their potentials in Christ and build a better and atmosphere of heaven at home.
  • Address, through the Word of God, issues facing women, and to develop and strengthen friendship with other women.
  • Enable individuals to build themselves up in the Lord, so that together as women, in unity and love, we can reach the community and share the goods news with the unsaved world.

Our sincere desire is that every woman who comes in contact with this ministry will have an indelible experience of encouragement and support as we reflect the love and grace of God for His own glory.

Monthly Meetings:
Join us at our monthly empowerment meetings on every second Saturday of the month.

Our Annual Conference comes up every second week of May; 3 days of life changing ministration from anointed women of God you don’t want to miss.

Occasionally, we organize prayer breakfasts and schedule evangelist outreach.


This department is made up of every male member of the church from the age of 20 years old and above. It is designed to enrich and empower all the men of City Of David Tabernacle and beyond to see and conduct themselves not only as men with family responsibilities but as a people created with immense spiritual gifts and equipped to lead a holy and a fulfilled life. We are taught to be leaders that God has made us and to serve as role models to our children and the younger generations. The Men are also encouraged to participate fully in personal and every church Soul winning activities.

The men’s ministry meets on the last Saturday of every month.


The City Of David Tabernacle Church is a church dedicated to spreading the Gospel by tirelessly going out into the community to witness to our neighborhood, city and world; not merely talking about our faith but living it daily. We as a church are committed to making a difference in the life of those in need, 24/7. Soul Winning is our priority, hence, our vision is the ‘total transformation of lives for the kingdom sake’; and our purpose is ‘to bring Jesus into and out of peoples lives’.

Every last Saturday of the month are set aside for general church evangelism, Members are encouraged to be a part of this wonderful experience.


This Department is a vital function to the orderliness of the church. The Ushers pleasantly greet members and visitors as they arrive for service, maintain crowd control and assist in receiving tithes and offerings. They also distribute the weekly bulletins, visitor cards and other materials needed during services. Their service is also used during ministration (laying on hands).


This department is responsible for keeping our bookstore adequately stocked with messages from the Pastor’s sermons. They handle the audio, and videotaping of all weekly services and special events.

Members of the church are daily encouraged to purchase the CDs and tapes for their personal uses and for distribution to loved ones as gifts. We believe that the best gift we can give to our loved ones the gifts of the word of God.


Through Sunday School classes and other organized trainings – Workers trainings, members are trained, equipped, and encouraged not only on the need for individual daily and holy living but also on the imperativeness of daily discipleship. It is designed to teach members on assurance of salvation after repentance and confession and thereafter, fulfill our God given assignment with the right tool.


Children's MinistryThrough weekly services, this department is responsible for the spiritual growth and education for children ages’ 6 months –11 years.

The department teaches key Christian Principles through practical, audio and visuals the importance of living a good Christian life by accepting Jesus Christ at a young age. They also learn how to be obedient children at home and exemplary life in the community and school. Their activities are planned around building heroes of faith in a family-friendly oriented and spiritual environment.


This Department works with all the young people of the church from ages 12-20. They plan activities for the youth like Music, dance and drama; keeping them involved in the church while fostering fellowship among the children and teaching Christian values, career choices and character building.


This department handles the counting, and accounting for all financial contributions made to the church. They also provide updates after each service and submit reports on income and expenditures.


The hospitality department of City of David Tabernacle is also called we care ministry. The heart of God is full of compassion and He has given us the authority to show benevolence towards mankind. 1 John 3:7 “But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in needs, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of god abides in him”. Gal 6; 10 “Therefore as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (in City of David Tabernacle) 1 John 3:7, Galatians 6:10. We fully understand that God is the owner of all things, thus, we are co-operating with Him in meeting peoples needs with the resources that he has put in our possession.

Our goal is purposed to meeting the basic needs of those in the local church and beyond the walls of the church to our community who are facing difficult times. This goes beyond death of a beloved one, lost of a job, and sickness. This department also supports our members in times of celebration such as: weddings, child births/dedication and other ceremonies within the congregation.

The welfare (we care) ministry is also responsible for pastoral care-meeting the needs of our pastor and the first lady. It undertakes the planning with other special team, pastors appreciation day for their love, patience and sacrifices: and the church anniversary.

Our long term goal is aiming towards addressing core issues like freedom from chemical dependence, shelter for abused women and children and providing training (job corps) to people for jobs which will give them better lives and make them better Christians and citizens.


In conjunction with the Soul Winning team, this Team is primarily responsible for the follow-up of new converts and church visitors. This is a very important arm of the evangelism department that ensures that all new converts are grounded in God’s Word and monitors their growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. These are achieved through home visits, telephone calls, and one-on-one interactions after services. This group is also equipped to embark on visits to special institutions – hospitals / Nursing homes, Prisons and shelters as the Lord leads.